The Project Team

You are viewing an archival website from the original trustmark pilot in 2013-2016. If you are looking for more recent content about the trustmark framework, please visit the Trustmark Initiative website.

The GTRI NSTIC Trustmark Pilot was led by a team from GTRI’s Trusted Information Systems and Architectures Division (TISAD) (formerly the Information Exchange Architecture Division), which brought a wealth of expertise in developing technical specifications and tools for trusted information exchange across enterprise boundaries and within specific Communities of Interest (COIs). TISAD’s previous experience included technical architecture, engineering support, and operations support for many well-known information sharing specifications and tools, including the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM), the Global Federated Identity and Privilege Management (GFIPM) suite of specifications, the National Identity Exchange Federation (NIEF), and the FBI National Data Exchange (N-DEx).

GTRI’s project team for the NSTIC Trustmark Pilot included the following people and partners.

The Core GTRI Pilot Team

The core GTRI team for this project was:

  • John Wandelt – Principal Investigator
  • Matt Moyer – Technical Team Lead and Project Manager
  • Jeff Krug – Interoperability TDs, Security TDs, Technical Specs, and Implementation
  • Steve Goldstein – Security TDs and Technical Specs
  • Brad Lee – Software Implementation, Technical Specs
  • Drew Taylor – Software Implementation, Technical Specs
  • Stefan Roth – Trustmark Assessment and Issuance

The Privacy Team

The privacy team included three Georgia Tech professors with distinguished backgrounds in privacy, and it focused on issues related to the impact of trustmarks and trustmark frameworks on end-user privacy. Its members were:

Other GTRI Contributors

The GTRI project team included many others who brought a wide range of expertise and experience to the project. Additional participating team members were: