Welcome to the project website for the GTRI NSTIC Trustmark Pilot!

In 2013, GTRI submitted a proposal to NIST in response to the 2013 NSTIC Pilots Cooperative Agreement Program. In our proposal, we claimed that “the trust and interoperability scaling problem is the single most significant barrier to the wide adoption of an Identity Ecosystem”, and our proposal described a concept called a Trustmark Framework, which can help to overcome this barrier. Since being selected by the NSTIC NPO as a grant recipient by NIST, we have take steps to develop this concept from idea into reality and prove its capabilities through a real-world pilot.

This website serves as the public face of our pilot project. Please take the time to look around and get familiar with our work. Also, please subscribe to our blog via RSS for occasional updates. If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at TrustmarkFeedback@gtri.gatech.edu.